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Madonna is an award-winning author, whose books are based on expert interviews. Her best-selling parenting books cover tweens and teens aged 8-18, and include Ten-Ager (parents of those aged 8-11), Being 14 (for parents of those 12-15), Fathers and Daughters (for all ages), L Platers (for parents of those aged 15-18) and Saving our Kids (for parents wanting to protect their children online). Biographer of Professor Ian Frazer and former diplomat Joe Hockey, she has also authored the stories of the Bali 9, and businesswoman Maxine Horne.



As MC and keynote speaker, Madonna can help make your next conference or panel discussion a stellar success. Madonna's experience runs across industry – business to health, education to mother’s day and mining, property and politics. Parenting and the lives of our teens have become a strong challenges for families, schools and businesses, and Madonna has addressed more than 40 school parent communities and businesses on that issue in the last year.


With 30 years’ experience in Australia and overseas, Madonna has worked across print, online, television and radio - including many years as host of ABC Radio’s awarding winning current affairs program. She's interviewed every prime minister since Bob Hawke and dozens of CEOs for public and private industry events. She writes two weekly columns, contribute to Good Weekend, and regular comment across the ABC, including on the Drum.


A good facilitator can make or break your conference or strategy meeting. Madonna loves steering hypotheticals and panels and using her journalistic skills, honed over a few decades, to focus the discussion in an engaging and informative way. A successful panel or a facilitation means everyone’s voice is heard, that there are light-hearted moments along the way, and that it runs on time!

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Madonna is an in-demand speaker on a range of issues. Each year she travels to dozens of schools Australia-wide to talk to parents about her research involving teens. Madonna’s parenting talks are based on her books, and thousands of interviews with teens, scientists, psychologists and school leaders. One of the nation’s most respected moderators and speakers, she also is able to captivate audiences in panel discussions, and conduct onstage interviews with prime ministers, comedians, and anyone in-between!

award-winning journalist, author and leader of public debate.

Madonna King’s work as a journalist, author and speaker spans politics, business and social policy. She has chaired panels around Australia, written 12 books and advises corporations and governments on understanding teens, the subject of her five most recent books, Being 14, Fathers and Daughters, Ten-ager, L Plater and Saving Our Kids.

Madonna equips parents with useful tips on what our tween and teen girls need from us and wish we knew. I cannot recommend Madonna more highly. She's one of the best speakers I've had the pleasure of listening to.

Rebecca Sparrow, author of Ask Me Anything




tells the inside story of those police officers who spend their days catching online predators contacting our children in Australia. How are they linking up with your children on computer games or in chat rooms? What do you need to know? And how do you protect your child? This is the most up-to-date, expert advice on offer.