A generous Helping

A Generous Helping is a collection of 150 heirloom recipes coming from the people of Queensland, as they attempt to replace the treasured recipes that were swept away in the terrible floods of January 2011. All royalties will go to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. “to many outside Queensland, they might just be names. Karen. Paul. Michelle. Anne. But they’re our neighbours, our friends, our local communities. they’ve lost so much. this cookbook is about more than 150 recipes. It’s about rebuilding what we had, sharing something form our own homes, and knowing we’re doing that with big lashings of love.” Madonna King, Presenter, ABC 612 Brisbane mornings In the terrible Queensland floods of January 2011 much was lost, some of it irreplaceable. Many listeners contacted Alison Alexander, resident foodie and cook at Madonna King’s Morning Show on ABC Radio to tell her they had lost their treasured recipe collections, that were handed through the generations. Madonna and Alison decided to do a call out to listeners and ask them to send in recipes and they were amazed by the response as everything from mutton stew to chocolate pudding came in. And with them, stories of what those recipes meant to families. this collection of 150 recipes attempts to regain what was lost in the floods, offering a treasure chest of dishes as diverse and interesting as Queenslanders themselves, and demonstrates once more, their resilience and creativity in the face of disaster. With a foreword by Madonna King, all royalties from this book will go to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.