Parenting Videos and Audio

Being 14 - Part 1

Madonna King answers the question ‘who did you talk to when researching for this book?’

Being 14 - Part 2

Madonna King answers the questions ‘Can you tell us some key tips you would give to parents of a 14 year old girl?’

Being 14 - Part 3

Madonna King answers the question ‘Who is this book for?’

Being 14 - Part 4

Madonna King answers the question ‘What are the biggest issues teenage girls are facing today?’

Being 14 - Part 5

In her book Being 14, Madonna King taps into the new challenges 14 year old girls are experiencing, with the aim to better understand them. Through interviewing 192 girls, 50 school principals, parents, police, school nurses, 10 psychologists and parenting groups, she learnt that 14 is a critical age for girls.

Booktopia Interview

Booktopia chats to award-winning journalist, commentator and author Madonna King on the struggles fathers face when it comes to parenting daughters. During her research for her book Fathers and Daughters, she interviewed 1300 girls, 400 dads and 60 mums, asking them set questions to discover the trends and tips for strengthening father-daughter relationships.

aBC Life matters

Listen to my ABC Life Matters radio interview on keeping fathers and daughters together.

ABC nightlife radio interview

Fathers and daughters have traditionally been seen as having a special relationship: tonight Madonna King, author of Fathers and Daughters joins Phil to explore the particular ties between a man and his daughter.