Madonna is an award-winning author, whose books are based on expert interviews. Her best- selling parenting books cover tweens and teens aged 8-18.

saving our kids

The crime of sextortion has reached epidemic proportions, fuelled by both sex offenders and organised scammers targeting our most vulnerable online. Children are some of the internet’s most prolific and most naive users, and increasing numbers are finding themselves caught in an evil web of networked manipulators. 



Shows how the age of 10 is now the start of the teen years. So how how can we help them navigate this transition? Here, Madonna brings a reporter’s perspective - and interviews with 500 10-year-old girls - to deliver the answers parents need and the insights our girls want us to have - but are struggling to tell us.

Fathers and Daughters

Explains what our girls want their fathers to know, and how their fathers can keep their daughters close as they navigate their teen years. Madonna draws on the experiences of 1300 girls and 400 dads to explore a role she believes our community doesn’t focus on enough. This book explains why.

Being 14

Gives a voice to teen girls. Madonna has interviewed hundreds of 14-year-old girls Australia-wide, as well as school principals, psychologists, CEOs, police, guidance officers and neuroscientists to reveal the challenges and opportunities our daughters face. It is a guide for parents, wanting to help their daughter through those tricky teens.

L Platers

L Platers provides the check list for what we need our daughters to be able to do, as they graduate from school and head out into the world. It follows interviews with hundreds of teen girls, along with educators, counsellors, psychologists, leaders and parents.

Ian Frazer

When Professor Frazer was awarded the patent for the cervical cancer vaccine, he knew it could help save 275,000 women globally each year. Madonna’s biography charts the life of our humble Scottish-born Australian of the Year, who is behind one of the greatest medical marvels of the century.


Shows how individuals, often feeling disempowered, can still change the world. It charts the journey of marvellous individuals who have been thrown a curved ball in life - and then who use it to make the world a better place for everyone else. These are ordinary Australians who have an extraordinary story to tell.

Bali 9 - The untold story

Charts the plan by nine young Australians to import drugs from Bali. Some members received the death penalty for their crimes; others are still serving lengthy jail sentences. What made nine young Australians take that risk? And what can the rest of us learn from it?

A generous helping

A collection of 150 heirloom recipes, sent in by ABC listeners after floods devastated Queensland in 2011. The host of 612ABC Brisbane, Madonna realised that sharing valuable family recipes, some of them handed down through generations, could provide lashings of love to communities trying to rebuild.

Think Smart Run Hard

Describes the life of Maxine Horne; born in Struggle Street in the UK before making her way to Millionaire’s Row in Australia. Horne was instrumental in building telecommunications giant, the ASX listed Vita Group Ltd - but it’s her style of leadership and work ethics that stands her apart.

Hockey - Not your average joe

A biographical portrait of politician Joe Hockey, who later became Ambassador of Australia to the United States. Named after Joseph Benedict Chifley, the post-war leader whose immigration politics allowed his father to enter Australia, this biography illustrates the man behind his political beliefs.

The Governors of Modern Queensland

What is the role of the modern governor, and how has each of those who has held the position made it their own? This commissioned book includes personal interviews with every modern governor, with input from all living Queensland Premiers.