Think smart run hard

Maxine Horne knows the road to success. She was born in Struggle Street in the United Kingdom, and now lives in Millionaire’s Row in Australia. Along the way, she’s learnt every tip you need to make a success of your own business. Through smart thinking and hard running, Maxine Horne has been instrumental in building telecommunications giant, the ASX-listed Vita Group Ltd, which runs 100 Telstra stores, and a family of offshoots.

Maxine’s story, which she asked author Madonna King to pen for her, shows you how you can take an idea, shape it with hard work and keep ahead of your competitors. From the child with a far-fetched dream to escape her past and become an entrepreneur for the future, to a life of bulging property portfolios and jet-setting holidays, Maxine Horne’s story could help you and your business shine.